Bachelor of Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health (Honours)

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health is a hybrid program designed to cope and fulfill the current and future market demands. The Faculty proudly presents the first hybrid program in Malaysia which covered the element of Environmental Health (EH) and Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) in once. Dynamically, the program offered diversity knowledge of safety, health and environmental aspect within the organization internally and externally. To uplift the education spirit, program also offered the OSH and/or EH competency certificate along the four (4) years studies

Wide range of position offered for the graduates, either in public and/or private sector. The most attractive post to be was:


q  Safety, Health, Environmental (SHE) Executive/ Health Safety Environmental (HSE) Executive


Others, such as:


q  Safety & Health Executive

q  Environmental Executive

q  Safety Specialist 

q  SHE Consultant

q  SHE Trainers

q  SHE Researcher


Most and major industries require the above position, such:

q  Oil & Gaseous

q  Construction

q  Manufacturing

q  Hi-Rise Building

q  Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

q  Banking & Insurance

q  Trading

q  Yard & Warehouse

q  Mining & Quarry

q  Agriculture & Forestry

q  Utilities (electricity, gas, water & sanitary)

q  Transport, storage & communication

q  Public Services  Statutory Authorities

a.    Obtained MUET Band 3


b.    Pass Matriculation/Pre-University/STPM programme or equivalent qualification with minimum GPA 2.33 in TWO of the following subjects: 


• Biology 

• Physics/Mathematics 

• Chemistry 



c.     A-Level programme or equivalent qualification with minimum Grade D in TWO of the following subjects: 


• Biology 

• Physics/Mathematics 

• Chemistry 



d.    Recognised Diploma with minimum CGPA of 2.75 in related field; 



e.    Recognised Diploma with CGPA less than 2.75 in related field and a minimum of 3 years (36 months) working experience in the related field. 


f.      Senate Approval


English proficiency for foreign student:

Candidate should obtain IELTS (5.5)/ TOEFL (550) paper-based or equivalent.

Graduates, may further study in any related field either in public and/or private universities


Master Level (Master in)


q  Industrial Safety Management

q  Occupational Safety & Health

q  Environmental Management

q  Environmental Science

q  Environmental Technology

q  Risk Management

q  Disaster Management and many more

Major Subjects:    


Anatomy & Physiology                  


Principle in Environmental Health   

Principle in Occupational Safety and Health




Occupational Safety and Health Legislation

Environmental and Occupational Toxicology

Construction Safety

Food Hygiene and Safety

Water Supply and Quality Control

Environmental Health Legislation



Plaza Permata

Programme Status:

Provisional Accreditation

Programme Code:

MQA/PA 12138


Occupational Safety and Health

Study Mode:


Study Level:



December/January, April and September


4 years